The C.E.O. Series

5-Treasure Beef Noodle Soup

You can sample soft, tender, chewy, solid, bouncy and all diversified textures of special selection of beef shank, beef tendon, beef tripe, flank beef slices and oxtail

C.E.O. 4-Treasure Clear-Broth Beef Noodles

Regent President Beef Noodle Soup

Chef selected Australian 3-layer shoulder shank with tendon and fresh meat, rich in colloid, along with strong soup base and little-spicy and aroma taste work up your appetite.

Borscht Tomato Beef Noodle Soup

Use the beef bone broth, braising for 6 hours, as soup base and add 7 selected vegetables including beef tomato, onion and cabbage and superior flank strip to cook for 90 minutes. The fresh and sweet Russian borscht with pleasant sourness taste of tomato is completed.