Brand story

Loving beef noodle and cooking in person, the President of Chialease group, Zhong-Li Gu and the administrative chef, Wen-Ghuan Tang, who has served the Gu family for over 30 years, crossing three generations finally make the beef noodle with which the President are satisfied after 3-year over a hundred of discussion, improvement and consecutive adjustment on food materials, soup base and taste.

The signature president beef noodle is cooked for 8 hours with 28 materials including beef bones, pork bones and chicken bones etc. The chef specially selects the Australian shank of 1.5 centimeters thick, rich in tendon and colloid with fresh and tender texture of meat. Followed by the penetration of soup extract and taste into the shank, serve with the designated home-made and chewy Tainan Guanmiao noodle is a good match. The extracted president beef noodle is known for its little spicy and mouth-watering fragrant to work up a big appetite.

The secret recipe

The three criteria for cooking beef noodle revealed by Chef Tang are braising of soup, selection of food materials and heat control. The choice of beef shank is the key and then blend with Chu Hou sauce, fermented red beancurd and bean paste with the chef formula in a just-right proportion. With the 3-year persistent of development, dedication of over 100-time dish tasting and stringent on carefully cooking of beef shank and soup, the store of President beef noodle is born to bring brand-new sampling experience to beef noodle gourmet with the three main spirits.