C.E.O Beef Noodle
Having served Gu Family for as long as 31 years, crossing three generations from brothers Zhen-Fu Gu, Lian-Song Gu to Zhong-Li Gu, and the president, the administrative chef, Wen-Ghuan Tang and the president challenge gourmets’ plate with the most perfect attitude after hundred times of practicing.

  • Persistence 3-year development
  • Dedication over 100 times dish tasting
  • Stringent braise for 8 hours




Enjoy the Fantasy Journey

The superior demonstration of cooking art

with 4 stages of crafts and 129 procedures

The first stage-braising and concentrating with 49 procedures

360-minute accurate heating control to compress soup
of 42 kilograms into 32 kilograms

The second stage-prepare recipe formula with 47 procedures

The secret recipe is made with 23 materials including Chinese red pepper,
Amomum tsao-ko, cassia twig and citrus and 47 procedures.

The third stage-stir fry until fragrant with 21 procedures

Fry the specially selected 3-layer shank with 9 sauces, such as Chu Hou sauce,
fermented red beancurd and bean paste.

The fourth stage-boiling and refining with 12 procedures

120 minutes of strict heating control and braising
to have the soup extract thoroughly penetrate into the 3-layer shank.

3 supreme culinary skills – the perfect blend of soup,
food materials and heat
Firstly, Use beef bones, pork bones and chicken bones
as the soup base and then blend four large pieces of shank
which has been braised for one
and a half hour with ribbed shoulder chops
into the 8-hour boiled soup of beef tendon.
After that, combine Chinese red pepper,
Sichuan pepper and ginger root with selected homemade,
natural-dry and additive-free Guanmiao noodle to simmer fry.
The four cooking stages create an absolutely fabulous
three-in-one taste of soup, meat and noodle!